Thermo Couples

Heattec thermocouples are specially made under stringent quality conditions

A thermocouple is a simple yet efficient sensor that helps to measure temperature. Two notable wire legs, which has been made up of different metals are welded at one end to create a junction where we measure the temperature. The changes in temperature will create a voltage. Then the temperature can be easily calculated with the help of thermocouple’s reference table. Thermocouples are preferred to be used in temperature scales from -200 to 2316 °C or -328 to 4200 °F.

We have many types of thermocouples. Every thermocouple has its uniqueness in terms of durability, vibration resistance, chemical resistance, temperature range, and application compatibility. J, K, T, & E will be denoted as the “Base Metal” of thermocouples, and it is the most commonly used thermocouples. The “Noble Metal” thermocouple includes Type R, S, and B, which are used in high-temperature applications. Heattec presents a wide variety of thermocouples and thermocouple replacements for largest market applications. Heattec’s thermocouple sensors are managed, examined and scrutinized before it gets shipped.


  1. Available for all possible applications
  2. Can be made to customers specifications
  3. Types-J,K,T,E,R and resistor sensor
  4. Supplied with calibration certificates and accessories
  5. Available in Plain, Bayonet, Washer, Leaf and Ring types

When Ordering Please Specify :

  1. Type
  2. Cable length.
  3. Tip diameter & length
  4. Drawing for special type configuration

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