PID Controllers

Shimax Digital PID Controllers:

Heattec Systems has introduced the world class Shimax range of Pid temperature controllers, MAC3 & MAC5 series. Shimax is one of the well-known manufacturers of temperature controllers and power controllers in Japan. Shimax products are strong in quality and performance. Shimax controllers and power controllers already enjoy a good share of marker in East Asian and European countries. Shimax temperature controllers are space saving – the depth of the controller is 62-65 mm. It has multi input, 1 main output 2 event outputs and big display as standard features. There are also optional features such as DI, CT input, analog output, and communication and program functions.

Key Features:

  • Control Method: Phase Control & Zero-Cross Switching Cycle Operation Control

  • Multi-Input: Current/voltage/Contact. Voltage Pulse (SSR Drive Voltage) You can choose either a phase control or Zero-cross switching cycle operation control in both cases of contact proportion input and voltage pulse (SSR drive voltage) input

  • Input/output values and many kids of parameters are displayed

  • Output soft-start/slow up/ slow down function is equipped as a standard function, (0.00~25.os)

  • Free Voltage (100~240V AC)

  • Automatic Distinction of Power Supply Frequency Range 45~65Hz

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