Oil Immersion Heaters

Heattec’s Oil Immersion Heaters are commonly used in large petrochemical containers as well as large water containers that need fast heat up time. With nominal maintenance necessities, immersion heaters are an outstanding solution to express heating in any industrialized environment.


Tupe Sheath Made of SS304,Flange made of C.I 






tubularheater water
TypeWattsVoltageDepth of ImmersionMounting
EH/OHST 10/43.81000230438mm2 1/2″BSPT
EH/OHST 15/43.81500230438mm2 1/2″BSPT
EH/OHST 20/43.82000230438mm2 1/2″BSPT
EH/OHST 30/43.83000230/400(Y)438mm2 1/2″BSPT
EH/OHST 40/57.54000230/400(Y)575mm2 1/2″BSPT
EH/OHST 50/57.55000230/400(Y)575mm2 1/2″BSPT
EH/OHST 60/57.56000230/400(Y)575mm2 1/2″BSPT
EH/OHST 90/71.29000230/400(Y)712mm2 1/2″BSPT

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