Cartridge Heaters

Heattec Cartridge heaters are available in low, medium and high watt densities with internally externally connected leads. Cartridge heaters can be considered “component heaters” that are used to generate heat in many different applications. We also manufacture Split type cartridge heaters for high temperature applications. We built every technically possible heater as per your requirement. Heattec Cartridge Heaters uniforms heat distribution around & over the length of elements is obtained with a carefully positioned resistor wire of refractory material.

  • Resistance wire : High grade nickel chromium resistance wire
  • Core : MgO core
  • Casing : Stainless steel
  • Leads : Stranded leads with silicone impregnated mica glass insulation
  • Molds, Metal dies, Patens, hot plates, sealing tools, fluid heating, aerospace, semiconductor industry
  • Food service and medical equipment, Deionized water
  • General applications
  • Highly corrosive applications
  • High-grade nickel chromium resistance wire,
  • MgO core,
  • Stainless steel tubing,
  • Stranded leads with silicon-impregnated mica glass insulation, or swaged in
  • Special sizes, wattages, and materials are available upon request
  • Max operating temp 600 °C
  • Max surface load 60 w/Sq. inch
  • Insulation – high grade mineral insulation
  • Metal braided fiberglass wire terminals

Type of Cartridge Heaters

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