Temperature Controllers


Temperature Controllers
Heattec Temperature Controllers are built as per international standards. We can also supply Thermostats and Regulator switches for controlling Heaters and Heating elements.


  • Available in digital and analog versions.
  • Made to DIN Standards.
  • Available in different calibration ranges like J, K, T, E, R and PT-100.
  • Available in ON-OFF, PD, Single and Double set point.
  • Supplied with calibration certificates and required accessories.

When Ordering Please Specify :

  • Type of controller.
  • Size.
  • Type of Sensor.
  • Temperature range.

Thermostats and Regulators :


Shimax Digital PID Controllers
HEATTEC SYSTEMS (PRIVATE) LIMITED has introduced the world class Shimax range of Pid temperature controllers, MAC3 & MAC5 series. Shimax is one of the well-known manufacturers of temperature controllers and power controllers in Japan. Shimax products are  strong in quality and performance. Shimax controllers and power controllers already enjoy a good share of marker in East Asian and European countries. Shimax temperature controllers are space saving – the depth of the controller is 62-65 mm. It has multi input, 1 main output 2 event outputs and big display as standard features. There are also optional features such as DI, CT input, analog output, communication and program functions.
Special Features:
  • Control Method : Phase Control & Zero-Cross Switching Cycle Operation Control
  • Multi-Input : Current/voltage/Contact.Voltage Pulse (SSR Drive Voltage)
  • You can choose either a phase control or Zero-cross switching cycle operation control in both cases of contact proportion input and voltage pulse (SSR drive voltage) input
  • Input/Output values and many kids of parameters are displayed
  • Output soft-start/slow up/ slow down function is equipped as a standard function, (0.00~25.os)
  • Free Voltage (100~240V AC)
  • Automatic Distinction of Power Supply Frequency Range 45~65Hz
For further information visit:  www.shimax.co.jp

PH :  +94-11-2738087
Mobile : +94-722130699
EMAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thermo Couples

Heattec thermocouples are specially made under stringent quality conditions.

  • Available for all possible applications
  • Can be made to customers specifications
  • Types-J,K,T,E,R and resistor sensor
  • Supplied with calibration certificates and accessories
  • Available in Plain, Bayonet, Washer, Leaf and Ring types.
When Ordering Please Specify :
  • Type
  • Cable length.
  • Tip diameter & length
  • Drawing for special type configuration.

Types of Sensing Tips Of Thermocouples

Band Type
Bolt Type
Bayonet Type
Washer type
Compression Fitting Type
Plain Type
Spring Adjustable Bayonet Type


Hot Runner Controllers

Heattec Hot Runner Controllers are efficient and economical. Our Multi zone Hot runner Controllers are by single temperature control modules assembled in a cabinet. SSR controlled outputs (or) Thyristor controlled outputs to control Hot runner Heaters & Manifold Heaters are available.

  • Advanced P I D Control algorithm
  • Maximum output power per zone : 3600 watts
  • Supply Volts : 230v/ 415v - 3 Phase
  • Dual Display: Set point and actual temperature
  • Thermocouple input : Universal Type
  • Temperature display : oC (or) oF selectable
  • Output :SSR /Thyristor
  • For Controlling Hot Runner heaters & Manifold Heaters in Plastic Injection Moulds.



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