Insulation Jackets

Heattec Insulation jackets are made up of 3 layers. Inner layer is made of fibre glass cloth, Middle layer is made of 50 mm thick fibre blanket, Top layer is made of abrasion proof glass fabric which resists both dirt and plastic material. All these material can withstand temp upto 600° C. These insulation jackets are made with holes and cutouts wherever it is required and so it is easy to install over the barrels of Injection, Extrusion and Blow molding machines.

  1. Reduces power consumption from 20% – 30%
  2. During the process, the heaters are switched off for long time, thereby increasing heaters life.
  3. Working atmosphere remains more comfortable.
  4. Initial heat up time decreases considerably.
  5. These insulation jackets have special fixing arrangements, so that they can be easily removed and fixed.
  6. These insulation jackets can serve for a very long period, due to abrasion proof materials.
When Ordering Please Specify :
  1. Outside diameter and width of the heater
  2. Type and position of the terminal
  3. Drawing where special type of holes or cutout required

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