Industrial Water Immersion Heaters

Water immersion heaters heat fluids in a tank or container to attain a desired temperature rapidly and efficiently. There are various types of water immersion heaters available in market.

Water immersion heaters are installed by bolting the unit to a welded flange that is attached to either the tank or the containers nozzle.

Screw plug water immersion heaters are installed by screwing the unit into a threaded opening in a vessel, container, or a tank.

Water immersion heaters are available in different sizes and features.







tubularheater water
TypeWattsVoltageDepth of ImmersionFlange
EH/IHCU 20/222000230220mm1 1/4″BSPT
EH/IHCUS 20/222000230220mm1 1/2″BSPT
EH/IHCU 30/283000230280mm1 1/4″BSPT
EH/IHCUS 30/223000230/400(Y)220mm1 1/2″BSPT
EH/IHCU 40/264000230/400(Y)260mm2″ BSPT
EH/IHCU 50/325000230/400(Y)320mm2″ BSPT
EH/IHCU 60/386000230/400(Y)380mm2″ BSPT
EH/IHCU 90/559000230/400(Y)550mm2″ BSPT
EH/IHCU 90/619000230/400(Y)610mm2″ BSPT

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