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HEATTEC SYSTEMS (PRIVATE) LIMITED made a commitment towards the research and development of new and improved products, abortion thus keeping in mind diversified customers to provide the customers with superior products and services for their individual needs.

Heattec Systems (Private) Limited  designs, unhealthy manufactures and exports all types of Industrial Electric Heaters, erectile Heating Elements, Band Heater, Mica Band Heaters, Ceramic Band Heaters, Strip Heaters, Tubular Heaters, Cartridge Heater, Hot Runner Heater & Bushes, Manifold Heaters, Infrared Heaters, Cast-in Heaters, Roller Heaters, Temperature Controllers, Thermocouples , Hot Runner Controllers, Heating Equipments, Heating Systems, Hopper Dryers, Ovens, Furnaces, Insulation Jackets, Mould Temperature Controllers, Control Panels etc.,

Elmec Heaters and Controllers is one of the most sought after name in INDIA and it is now positioning itself well in the global markets. As a step towards globalisation, Elmec Heaters and Controllers, is in technical collaboration with Heattec Systems (Private) Limited, Sri Lanka, offers the most complete product line in the industry. With more than a million designs on file, we have the heaters, sensors and controls to meet your needs. We also represent OPKON, Shimax range of automation products.

Linear Displacements Transducers,Encoders, Panel instruments and Hot Runners Systems

Digital PID Temperature controller and various other panel instruments

Elmec Heaters and Controllers

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